HOA Members Meeting 06/09/2019


Meeting called to order at 3:02 pm by President, Janice Duncan


Financial Report and update on Website:

Gary Carson gave out copies of the Financial Report to everyone in attendance. Gary explained that we are in good standing as long as we don’t have any unexpected major expenses. A copy is available by email request to the HOA Board at hoajordanscrossing@yahoo.com.

Liens have been filed on delinquent homeowners and older liens have been updated. We have an attorney on retainer. We are keeping down expenses by only contacting her when it is absolutely necessary.

The website was moved to Word Press on Go Daddy and is more user-friendly. The expense is noted under Maintenance. He encouraged everyone to go and check out our new website: Myjordanscrossing.com


Pavilion update; Joan Forster
This spring we had two dead trees cut down and pressure washed the structure. In next few weeks an electrician will replace the two ceiling fans, install a light for the parking lot area and upgrade the breakers in power box. Pavilion has been used six times since last HOA meeting in 2018. We are still receiving free trash pick up service from J and S Disposal.

ARC update; Joan Forster
The purpose of ARC is to maintain the aesthetics of our community, in turn this helps keep the property values high. We do this by helping homeowners to follow the guidelines in the C&Rs that were put in place by the original developers back in 2004.
Sending out the “reminder” email has helped to start communications and we have gotten a lot of good feedback from homeowners before they start their projects.

Welcome committee; Joan Forster
We have visited 9 new homeowners since the June 2018 HOA meeting. We stop by to say hello and welcome to JC, make sure they have our email and web address, C&Rs, by laws, paint color charts, community events, etc. We also answer any question they may have about JC or the Jasper area. We have found over the past few years the overwhelming reason they chose to move into JC is because of the beauty and peacefulness of this community….we tell them that is the feeling most folks that live here have!


We had five new homeowners attend. Each one introduced themselves and told us a little bit about them. It is always wonderful to see new faces.


          Gardening: Jean Murtagh thanked all the volunteers who help with weeding,

          trimming bushes and spreading mulch. We had one new resident sign up to help.

         Jean also thanked all the neighbors who helped with the trash pickup on Petit Rd.

         earlier this year. Thank you Marve Back for organizing.


Recognition and welcome of our new Board Member, John Pesce by Janice Duncan


Open discussion: Marvin Back announced that he has many tools he is willing to share.

          A concerned neighbor asked if we have rules for yard upkeep. The Board asked

          that he submit his concerns in writing.


Janice thanked everyone for coming.

Meeting dismissed at 3:30pm.




                       Jordans Crossing HOA Board for 2019-2020


Janice Duncan – President

Don Mossman — Vice President

Gary Carson – Treasurer

Jean Murtagh – Secretary

Joan Forster – Corresponding Secretary

John Pesce – Member at Large

Marvin Back – Member at Large